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Short Message Service

"SMS" stands for Short Message Service and is commonly known as text messaging. On nearly all mobile phones, this service allows you to send short written messages up to 160 characters or about 25 words. Over one billion text messages are sent each month.
SMS/ text messaging is a valuable interactive tool for programme makers. The BBC can send outgoing and receive incoming messages.


Taste and Decency
Messages sent out via SMS must be appropriate for the target audience. Strong language can give rise to widespread offence; the use of strong language in text can be far more offensive than a fleeting expression on radio or television. The use of certain four letter words will not be acceptable.

Public Service uses of SMS/Text messaging
SMS / text messaging may be used in the following ways:
• As an integral part of a broadcast programme e.g. a vote, to get audience comments or for an on air competition
• As programme support material, to provide supplementary information linked directly to a public service programme, campaign, and channel.
SMS for marketing purposes

The BBC may chose to use text messaging to promote BBC public service programmes, services and websites. SMS Marketing will usually be in the form of outgoing messages. Where a programme or series is being marketed such messages will provide advance information service to market a public service programme or service

Use text messaging for a variety of public service purposes, for normal programme making purposes- such as votes, competitions, delivering programme support material, providing supplementary material
Viewers and listeners can use their mobile phones and digital television handsets to send a text message, in response to programme/BBC I requests. Typically SMS can be used as a method of gathering audience reaction and opinion through voting, comments, requests, competitions and polls.
SMS is a particularly good method of reaching a young audience and increasing a sense of audience participation in our programmes and services.

SMS has become an inspiring word amidst people of all class, as they desire to keep connected with their neighbor, relatives and circle friends. In recent days, SMS has won a grand reputation amidst people in US, UK, Asia and Europe. Short Messaging Service is in short described as SMS and most people have started making an easy communication through this. Generally, SMS will charge merely low and they are found to be the best mode of communication

With SMS gateway, you can efficiently convey information as short and crisp text messaging from one mobile to another.

Primarily, SMS was used by individuals to communicate and pass important information or messages. People, particularly the youngsters have turned really crazy on sending SMS and they find them simple and cost-effective. With remarkable up gradation of SMS software, they have become the most exclusive component in Internet Marketing. SMS software is being widely used by large scale of producers and they incredibly avail its benefits on promoting their services, products and goods amidst customers. Bulk SMS gateway and the SMS Software have featured both customers and business owners to develop a long-standing relationship. Consumers can be promptly updated with all the latest services and good and of course make regular purchase over time to time.

Bulk SMS software gradually eliminates the time of all the customers by visiting the place in order to ensure the product availability, instead they can check with the products by means of SMS. SMS services grants excellent offers and free schemes, whereby everyone can be benefited by availing its perk and benefits. While it comes to bulk SMS gateway, they bestow long listing benefits and offers. Just take a quick look to know better about the advantages and benefits of bulk SMS service!

• With bulk SMS, a company can propose momentary alerts to its workers in case of urgencies.
• With bulk SMS, a company can easily share the particular key notes to their suppliers in a short period of time.
• With bulk SMS, you can pass greetings and of course share your wishes during the time of celebration and festivals.
• With bulk SMS, you can immediately convey information to your roaming friends or relatives. This will help most of the marketing executives, as they have be alarmed with every action.


SMS is the future of m-learning, at least in the short term. It may sound like we’re going backwards on the technology evolution graph but the truth is SMS is the only technology (if it’s appropriate to call it that) that fits the bill. Most organizations today face constraints on one or more of these issues – bandwidth (consistently available to whole workforce), devices (huge disparity in what the workforce carries), development platforms (as many platforms as phone manufactures as of now), culture (habits of accessing SMS for personal & business communication), & cost (development and delivery).

Where does SMS score highly?
• SMS is easy. Practically everyone knows how to send and receive an SMS. 53% of planet uses it.
• SMS is fast. Actually 720 times faster than email.

• SMS can reach all types of mobile phones. No special device feature neither high connection speed needed.
• SMS gateways can be easily setup
• SMS content development and delivery is cheap (much cheaper that other modes)

So what kind of SMS solutions can you implement? Here are some examples and suggestions
Provide Alerts and Updates: From teachers to trainers to state emergency offices everyone could use alerts
Small Periodic Nuggets: Delivering English (or any other language) lessons daily via SMS are a great option for language training.
Backchannel Communication: Provides an embarrassment free channel for asking questions. Also helps teacher/trainer keep track of back chatter.
Assessments: Deliver text assessments over the mobile via SMS one question at a time.
Blend with eLearning for Feedback and support: SMS based support or feedback delivered during an e-learning program is a powerful personalized mechanism to keep learners motivated. This could be system triggered based on your actions in the e-learning program. A teacher may congratulate a nervous student after his/her good presentation (from a paper I found on web – can’t locate now)
Performance Support: Should a worker get stuck he could SMS to a central support number and get process steps by SMS one after the other.


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